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China's textile industry in the first half growth rate of nearly 7%

It has gone up, and for each month in the second quarter, showing a sustained recovery momentum. Reporters learned that the China Textile Industry Association, the development of China's textile industry showed the first half of 2015 a "slow steady in the see" posture, the sound quality and efficiency indicators, the industry continued to recover investor confidence, while industrial restructuring continue to promote domestic demand and stable growth exports decline gradually narrowed. Before June, China's textile industry in fixed asset investment grew 15.41 percent, the industry growth rate of investment to enhance the 2.04 percentage points over the 2014 full year, compared with the first quarter of 2014 was essentially flat. With a modest recovery in the world economy, but except the United States are somewhat sluggish consumer market as a whole, industrial chain along with slowing demand. The second half than the first half exchange rate effects or slightly reduced, but the impact on exports still exist. It is expected to decline in the second half of Chinese textile and apparel exports gradually narrowed, annual exports roughly flat with last year.