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DTY is a type of textured yarn of polyester fiber

DTY is a type of textured yarn of polyester fiber, polyester chips is as raw materials, high-speed spinning POY, and then processed by drawing false twisting together. It has a short process, high efficiency, good quality and so on; also has a general polyester fracture strength and high modulus of elasticity, excellent heat setting resistance, good resilience properties, heat resistance, light resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to wash and quick-drying and other characteristics; more high loft, insulation is good, feel comfortable, soft gloss and other characteristics. DTY is the ideal raw material for processing knitting machine, suitable for the production of apparel fabrics, bedding and decorative items, etc., suitable for fine denier silk-like fabric, coarse denier do wool fabrics. DTY also sewing effect, in order to save costs, copying sideline general use is made of polyester filament network, without twisting, strong lower than sewing thread. It is different with the general sewing thread lies Khao lines made with a polyester filament without twisting, and sewing thread with polyester staple fibers, twisting.

For the manufacture of polyester thread with a lot of clothing fabrics and industrial products, it is widely used, has a very good setting performance. Has a relatively cheap, durable, flexible, and easy to deformation, corrosion resistance, insulation, crisp, washable and quick drying characteristics. Polyester elastic close wool, when elongation of 5% to 6%, can be almost completely restored. Wrinkle resistance than other fibers, that the fabric does not wrinkle, good dimensional stability. Polyester fabric with high strength and elastic recovery, fast and durable, anti-crease. Wear resistance second only to the best wear resistance of polyester nylon, are better than other natural and synthetic fibers, it is the world's largest output, the most widely used synthetic varieties,