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Formation and produce DTY stiff wire

Formation and produce DTY stiff wire, with technology, equipment, operations, quality of raw materials and other factors related to the production process, DTY of stiff wire, after processing a greater impact dyeing process, the fabric significantly generate defects and stains, DTY stiff wire has the following:

When the fiber is in a relaxed state, form an overlapping twist to branch fork-like bursts of hard, fine denier fibers in place due to the low stiffness, twist twist increased to exceed the normal range, no further increase in the formation of the stack twist, make the fabric irregularities form stiff silk dyed stripes, is stacked twister.

Among monofilament melt twisted, forming twist nodes, with a certain force is not easy to open, feel stiff, causing mutual bonding between the monofilament, fabric hair pretty, produce stiff color point after dyeing, color bar, is tight twister.

Fiber curl lack of flexibility and canopy loose, shiny stiff, seemed raw silk, the fabric surface clear stripes, produce a dark streak after dyeing, is for the long segment stiff wire.

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