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Inspection and testing of special labor protective clothing

Accordance with the "labor protective equipment regulations" that the state implement a licensing system for the production of special labor protection products. Quality Inspection qualified mountain national labor protection products quality supervision and inspection center responsible for reporting production license products and labor protection products into Japan.

There are special labor protective clothing retardant protective clothing, anti-static and anti-acid overalls overalls three categories, strict implementation of the production permit system. Product sampling inspection is an important part of obtaining the production license. In our daily inspection, often due to small sample submission requirements of operators or manufacturers to provide referral information to small feet, delay the inspection cycle, and even lead to the situation goods mechanized small-mediated cell-mediated determination of. Such as: failure to request special protective clothing sewn finished garments, clothing without trademarks, logos content souvenir, finished garments stitching, supporting small annex, no sample inspection of finished clothing and so on. Therefore, the specification of labor inspection and testing of protective clothing that manufacturers informed of the production license forensic sampling inspection requirements for product testing and basic inspection

Norms, in order to ensure the quality of sampling and testing.