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Polyester Ditan high amount of elasticity

Lun polyester DTY with the general fracture strength and high modulus of elasticity, excellent heat setting resistance, good resilience properties, heat resistance, light resistance, corrosion resistance, washable and quick-drying characteristics, DTY also having high bulkiness, good heat insulation, feel comfortable, soft gloss characteristics, DTY this test monofilament stretching forward can withstand the maximum number of tension, strength, tear strength directly affect the fabric , abrasion resistance.

DTY process selection of low residual elongation dyeing better, DTY higher strength, higher crimp rate, in the case of barren wire, will select a lower residual elongation, and high residual elongation will produce DTY stiff wire, decreased shrinkage, weaving dyeing easy stereotypes, adverse effects of wrinkling, DTY knitting weft, warp ideal raw material or woven processing, suitable for the production of apparel fabrics, such as suits , shirts, bedding such as quilt, bedspread, mosquito nets and decorative items such as curtains, sand release, paste wall coverings, car upholstery and the like.