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Taking anti-acid fabrics and good characteristics

Anti-acid fabrics fabric processing results in addition to the original brilliance with fabric fastness strong, feeling the cool lake, good air permeability and other characteristics, but also have a direct outcome, durability, anti-acid fabrics and good administration features. The implementation of market conditions in the city compared to the small amount of antibacterial fiber trail organized by proof: eluting clearing agent does not learn even woven pass away together, but was taken away by the water arms, both near abandoned important use of such clearing agents class textiles. Beijing Jlsun tech Unlimited antibacterial cotton fabric antibacterial lasting nature significantly better differentiated fibers in antimicrobial. Elucidation of its cause is anti-static cloth reason antibacterial invalid dip in the fiber surface area important actions. Fabric dyeing process to achieve outcomes in liquidation processor punishment punishment. The essentials are common practice in the dyeing process of consumption through padding or dipping, then drying, anti-static fabric began to delve into the fifth through the high temperature tenter or qualitative achievements textiles and nano skill Proceedings 2 (X) 5 5 to achieve a fabric liquidation process. It is characterized, not to be out of line configuration, processing dominate the rough, until now the results of wrinkle-free permanent press fabric into liquidation agent-eluting and non-eluting two major categories. Non-eluting clearing agent is chemically bonded to the fabric together, a life time of liquidation. The results are not affected by the number of cleaned, use universal.