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Crisis Coexist See How Brave Victory

2014, domestic and foreign enterprises are facing a complex fabric of the living environment, the crisis and opportunities. In this year's interview process, the reporter found that many companies still maintain a very calm and composed, with the indomitable spirit and excellent technology, not only to companies through the crisis and achieve stable development, has made remarkable achievements, has become the year's most Popular with hope business.

As the industry were the first loud fine wool fabric business, Dan has been working worsted wool textile fabrics, worsted fashion product development. In order to have accurate positioning selective, Dan wool textile very focused on data management. Database management, database management often have corporate history data, the original product resources and raw material resources to do a detailed analysis. Since 2006, Dan wool textile database has five or six different kinds of fabrics, mostly to meet different needs of customers. The new enterprise will produce out of the product, after the test sample, take pictures, and added plus product descriptions, such as use of property, seasonal property, color attributes, style attributes, functional attributes and so on. So that customer requests or need some fabric, can then be quickly made a similar or even several dozens in the database fabrics.