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Factors Affecting Strength Yarns Have?

1, raw material properties such as long length, fineness, breaking length, maturity, short fiber content of fiber length, uniformity is good, fine fiber fineness, the number of fibers per unit cross section of the high efficiency of the more twisted, the yarn strength more high strength irregularity small; fineness unevenness big yarn strength is decreased.

2, the impact of the fiber spinning process performance before spinning into yarn strength to influence a reasonable choice carding step opening and cleaning process parameters, with the full opening and sort of the premise, to avoid excessive damage to the fibers, although the possible exclusion of short fiber and impurities; and crude drawing process should be the rational allocation and draft form, to ensure control of the fiber drawing process, improve straight parallel fiber roving appropriate increase of temperature and humidity, increased roving resurgence, Ease of fiber stress disappear and guaranteed straight,, narrow gauge drafting stable fiber movement, made good dry strip roving uniform structure. While controlling the sliver quantitative differences, reduce wound elongated spindle difference, strengthen maintenance and infrastructure management equipment, reducing a weak ring.