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Factors Affecting The Performance Of The Fabric, You Know?

Can weave different weave different patterns or different lines, such as the appearance of a plain weave reflects particles reflect the appearance of twill weave and satin weave diagonal lines floating appearance reflects the long-term.

In addition to the appearance of the organization affect the fabric texture, but also affect the intrinsic quality of people felt fabric style and fabric and so on. Such as plain weave fabric texture fastness; smooth satin cloth fabric Leveling, shiny and soft texture.

Density woven fabric refers to the number of vertical and horizontal to the inside of the fabric yarns per unit length arrangement. Fabric density of its wearability as strength, elasticity, feel, body bone, breathable sexual and weaving process of breakage rate has a significant impact.

Jingwei density, the fabric becomes tight, thick, stiff, wear-resistant, fast, low density fabric is thin, soft, good permeability.