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Methods Washed Jeans

Methods washed jeans

1, general cleaning (GARMENT WASH)

Poor wash or ordinary washing, but our usual washed familiar to mechanization only its water temperature at around 60 ° -90 ° C plus some ordinary washing detergent after about 15 minutes over water softener can make fabric softer, more natural and comfortable visually cleaner. Usually based on the length of time washing and how much the amount of chemicals, general cleaning can be divided into light Poor wash, general cleaning, heavy Poor wash. Typically light wash for five minutes or so wash for 15 minutes or so heavy wash for about 30 minutes (this time is imprecise) three washing method no clear boundaries.

2, stone wash / stone (STONE WASH)

Stone wash or adding a certain size in the washing pumice, making clothes pumice and polished, polished cylinder water level to low water level clothes completely soaked pumice stone can be so good contact with the laundry. Before the stone wash or rinse can also be Cape in stone after rinsing. According to the different requirements of customers, can be used Yellowstone, Whitehead, AAA stone, artificial stone, plastic ball, washing, washing water to achieve different effects, showing dark gray cloth washed, stale feeling, clothing slight to severe damage .