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This Year China's Total Output Of 6.161 Million Tons Of Cotton

This year the state began in Xinjiang cotton target price reform. National Development and Reform Commission official said the target price is based on the cost of production plus a basic income to determine when the market price is lower than the target price, the state according to the target price and the market price difference and acreage, yield and other factors, the pilot area producer subsidies. This year's cotton target price of 19,800 yuan per ton, can compensate for the pilot area of cotton production costs and guarantee farmers a basic income.

Currently, Xinjiang target price subsidies into the implementation phase, according to part of the area is currently being subsidized cash subsidy first, followed by the amount of the subsidy will yield were issued, their enthusiasm is high. "This year, a new phenomenon occurs when the income of cotton farmers in order to reduce the cost and voluntary use of mechanical harvesting, the number of apheresis's initiative to increase. Apheresis will become a major trend." Vice President of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps in East Cotton Association Liang said.